Saturday, September 30, 2006

The reason why ...

(Tis Me and Sean - L-R - before we went to Dublin in 2005... Its only there for my 'profile picture')

To begin, I have only caved into this whole blogger thing because this PGCE course is not giving me much chance to do very much other than read and do teaching stuff, so this blog should hopefully give me the chance to explain what i'm up to while I can be a bit more detailed and informative than a passing conversation on msn messenger.

Personally, I find this whole 'blogger' thing a bit strange - which is why I have waited until after the hype. I simply hope that by me having one of these things, if I have posted a 'blog' on the one day and someone asks me how I am I can ust copy and paste a link and that will be enough.

I could also structure alot more clearly my plans for the future, and then look back and see what I have achieved and what-not.

BUT to start and introduce the first recurring character in this blog ...

Sarah: My girlfriend, I am normally typing this in her room because I don't have a PC in my room. We have been together for just over 20 months (I swear I wasn't counting, but she has reminded me of it so much, i might aswell use the information in a more practical way) and aree both on the PGCE course. I am doing Art & Design Secondary PGCE and she is doing a Theatre Secondary PGCE. At the moment we are all in training, but if this is still going on next year I shall endeavour not to get this blog out too much ... I don't want the gossip of the school yard to be about me.

Believe me, there are many more people who e going to crop up (Pete & Rebecca, Tom & Charlotte*, Matt, Sean, Rachel & Richard, Tori, Harper & Tara, Francis, Holly and Jev, Toni, Tall Sarah, Nathan & Katie - who have just moved to Carmarthern so I've heard! - , Jo, Alistair, Beth, Barry & Antoinette, Kaff, Tom Wood & Amy, Lewis and many more) and also my family (consisting of eight members, most of which have respective partners!) who will no doubt make some interesting stories.

I'll also try and fill you up briefly on back stories - IF need be. I have done this kind of thing before, but I typed it out more like a story and it came back five fold on me because people got offended. I shall try not to do that again. So information will only be revealed when neccessary.

Righto, must call Dad (he just left an answer phone message saying to call home... uh oh) and this now marks the beginning, finally, of Simon's Blog.

*Originally was Rebecca. Rebecca on my mind. ... sorry for the mistake.