Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Telford Times Part 2

The Sopranos
You will all be happ to know that we are now up to Episode 4, Series 5. Both Pete and I have not seen any more episodes so we are unsure what will happen but, because of what is written on the back of the Series 6 box, we do know that Tony and Carmella get back together at the end of the Season.

Seems that Uncle 'Junior' is getting very ill indeed. Dominic Chianese is a brilliant actor and you really feel for ol' Corotto (sic?) Soprano. Poor dude. Tony is hitting on the psychiatrist although she knows that he can't face rejection because he has always got what he wants. Chris and Paulie are friends again but Tony's cousin ... Tony B (Steve Buscemi) is back in time and wants to go straight and massage peoples backs. Tony Soprano thinks thats not cool and chaos ensues.

I shall update as I go. Currently Pete and I are upset that we know Tony and Carmella get back together. The back of boxes should be as tact as possible for fans. (To be fair, Pete didnt read the back of the box, he just happened to catch an episode and saw that they were back together - as I did read the back of the bx I know what is going to happen in other plot lines ... goddamn)

Out n' About
Last night I was at Pizza Hut with Rachel, Richard, Tom W, Amy, Lewis and Sean. Twas a good night and didn't cost much because we have a friend who works there. Brilliant stuff.

Pete didn't want to go because he is skint. I tried, but he said he is saving up specifically for Christmas Eve and New Year to go mental with his money.

Loads of presents (of thers) arrived and I have to wrap them all up. Sadly, todays bulk were delivered at 8am and no-one opened the door for the dude (Ma'n'Pa must be at work) and I now have to go down to the Post Office to pick it up before 1.30pm.

Pete didn't think 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' was funnyalthough I think it is brilliant.