Sunday, October 15, 2006

Entertainment Review #2 (Part One)

Just a short litttle bit ona couple of films I have watched recently ...

Gangs of New York
I purchased this from a charity shop for £3.50, to start off with, and I only watched it for the first time about 6 months ago on the rental DVD site 'LoveFilm' (If you want to join the site, quote me as your 'friend' and i'll get a free month of DVD rental - as you will too.) After recently watching 'The Departed', I though I would have a Scorcese craze and watch 'Gangs of new York' and, next week (hopefully) 'Casino' - Maybe, move onto 'Mean Streets' and 'The Last Temptation of Christ' soon after. Nevertheless, 'Gangs of New York', after a second watching is awesome! Again - like in 'The Departed' - you can see why Scorcese likes Leonardo DiCaprio, and Daniel Day Lewis is by far the best actor in this film. The few problems lie in the 'Irish' characters. Cameron Diaz's accent fades towards the end of the film strangely enough, and Leonardo DiCaprio just isn't convincing - not to mention 'Elliot-from-E.T.' (I can't remember his actual name) also has a dismal Irish accent. Why don't they just cast Irish actors?? Daniel Day Lewis and Martin Scorcese had done a bang-up job, they were just let down by what appears to be production choices - all star cast = big money. the finale though is brilliant, and if anyone knows how I can get a copy of the film version of 'The Hands That Built America' by U2 I would greatly appreciate it - the orchestra-based start to the song sounds absolutely stunning, and it is alot better than the radio edit start that i can only seem to get hold of.

Sarah mentioned to me months and months ago how her favourite Disney film was 'Cinderella' because she watched it with her Dad when she was really young, but she loved it so much and never bought it - and I bought it for her for her birthday recently and, thus, had to watch it with her. I would not say it is the best Disney film (Lion King, Aladdin...), but it is a brilliant film and sometimes, if you stop watching Classic family films, you step out of the loop and forget about what simple, good entertainment is. Every now and then I do like to sit back and watch some cheesy family film and it does always put a smile on my face. 'Cinderella', like most Disney films, has the beautfiul art sprawled across every film cell while each note in the soundtrack reflects every movement of the animals. As amazing as it has always been. The songs themselves were tracks that seemed alien to me (how long ago did I watch it?), but I did recognise Bibbity-bobbity boo ... as pathetic as that actually is.