Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Must ... stop... spending ... money...

Pete and Rebecca
Rebecca has just had her 20 week scan and all is good - they are havin a kid! Congratulations guys, I cannot wait. I am so glad its a [just in case somebody doesnt know the sex] and if it was a [the other sex] then it wouldn't be as much fun. Subtle aye. Again! Congratulations! I can't wait to visit America in y'ol Kentucky and meet the boy/girl [delete as appropriate]

Right, Saw 3 then ...
I finished watching it thinking awesome, but of the three people I was with I was the only one who thought that so the entire journey back was spent discussing what was wrong with it ... changing my view. Personally, lets be honest, the franchise itself is not a 'classic' (Well, maybe in the horror, post-Scream/Seven-era, how-gory-can-you-get-a-movie way...) and I have always thought that my passion for the franchise is a guilty pleasure in itself ... so, yeah, I liked it. I won't give away anything but put it this way: If you want to see the characters and plots from first resurfaced in some way then you will be happy)... The opening sequence was so-o-o grim, but so great to see good ol' Donnie back. New Kids on the Block will be proud.

Jo, Al and Beth...
Friday night Jo and Al were up and we spent the evening chatting and having fun, it was memorable. To top it off we watched saw 3 together in the evening (the half 11 showing).
Saturday, Beth came up - and it was fantastic to see them and venture, briefly, round the pubs and dodgy clubs of Reading. I got incredibly drunk and vaguely remember dancing, alone, on the stage and hugging random friends frm my Art & Design class (Lex) and and certain events that will be brought up in the future. It was the first time I had been to 'After Dark' and to be handed a can of guinness at the bar wasn't that cool. OOOh, I remember being felt up by a big guy before we went in and he was humming and as soon as he found out I didnt have a bag of cocaine shuved up my arse we both laughed like you would if you had been abused... wait a sec ... was I abused? I was really gutted because when we got back to the flat everyone was hanging out in the kitchen and I simply passed out pretty much so missed the banter that normally finishes the night. Seriously ... I wish I was there. Next time, i have to stop drinking when I get to a certain point because I keep finding myself missing out on things.
Sunday, I ventured to Oxford with the clan and that was really cool. Oxford is a beautfiul place and I advise people to go there for weekends away - as I shall. Fact is, I was a boring sod while I was there because I ate the starchiest, saltiest crisps before catching the train and felt rough the entire time. - I swear, Beth, I shall visit and be a bit livelier next time.
On a sidenote, it was only on the train back did I recieve Rhys' text asking if we were all together - so it was too late.
Nevertheless, it was a brilliant weekend.
Al - can you email the one picture you took and I shall put it online if I can!

Okay, something on my mind ... what are peoples views on blogs. I really am stuck, i mean, I personally like keeping a record of things and by putting the record online i can discuss stuff which is on my mind with my friends. I know through discussion with friends that the Entertainment reviews are not going down a storm (I've heard 'really boring' being used), and thats cool because if i am not thinking about the reader then why bother having a reader? Please, people who have read the blog so far and are happy telling me their opinions please tell me now your opinion! Reviews? if they are boring, why? As I am not an actual critic is the views kinda void? I'm not really fussed to be fair, it was just something that I thought would be fun and I don't want to be writing it in vain. So, post a comment saying your views because I really want to know! As Jigsaw says: Let the games begin.