Sunday, October 01, 2006

Morning All ...

Well, I have decided to get up that little bit earlier today (10.30am ... ) and hopefully get my body a little bit back in sync before I have to start another week of school observing.

Last night Sarah and I joined a housemate - Simon - with his friends Mike and Girlfriend. We enjoyed the night but decided at about 11pm that we would escape early. Sarah had been in London all day and I was just a bit knackered, so I attempted to finish my Guinness and head for the 11.30 bus but, surprise surprise, we missed it and I ate a footlong subway meatball marinara to pass the time. Sarahs a vegetarian, so she wasn't best pleased.

Today, my aim is to type up all my notes from school observing ... this typing now should get me in the mood for a type-a-thon later.

Pretty boring blog today. Apologies.

To compensate I shall put a picture on the page. It is another attempt of getting a profile picture of me ... but one which isn't too big. (It keeps telling me it is too big ...)