Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oscars 2007

In Closing ...
Well, I was really worried that Jo was going to completely rip apart 'Apocalypto' - which, in all fairness - he could have. (I think Elisabeth would have agreed with him if he did also)

It really did have its flaws - hence the lack of nominations it had in the Oscars 2007.

Oh! And the 10 minute penis joke. brilliant flawless - right up there with the nakedness of Borat and the fatman ... interesting that the, what, 10 minute (possibly longer) naked fight didn't have you complaining ... does Jo like white Fat Men fighting naked but does not condone any other ethnic cultures crude sense of humour?

I detect racism in Jo's tone.

Oscars 2007
Now, I do have my views on who I think the winners should/shouldn't be but I will have to watch some of the films before hand - namely, 'Babel', 'Notes on a Scandal' and 'Little Miss Sunshine'. Now, 'The Queen' I do want to see, but I doubt I will be able to watch it before the Oscars. A real shame considering the critical acclaim it has recieved.

There is a downloadable 'Oscar Nominees' sheet on the Oscars website and I think I will print it off to see what I will have to watch to get a clear indication on this years nominees. Currently, I have only seen 'the Departed' from the Best Picture nominees and - from all the nominations available - I have only seen the following films:

The Departed
United 93
Notes on a Scandal
(thats how far I get with the main awards - now we're into Special FX ... its appalling)
Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Mans Chest
The Prestige
Binta and the Great idea (Not really, that one was a joke ... I love the title though)

They were all pretty good films - in all fairness, they should be to get nominations.

If anybody reading this who is on Facebook, find the group 'FFF Sweepstake Oscars 2007' - a brilliant production company and annual event the world should take part in.

I am in quite the predicament over this film because I really want to see it but because of Oscar Buzz and the lack of this film appearing in the nominations it has put me off. I have rented 'Kinsey' at the moment and, it seems that nobody has heard of it now - which doesn't say much about the credability of the film.

Rocky Balboa
I wanted to rewatch the Rocky films before watching Balboa and I didn't buy the boxset because, if 'Balboa' is the last in the legacy then I will purchse the beast boxset when it arrives and watch the whole thing over a month.

I was pretty sure that 'Balboa' simply introduced his son - to effectively continue the franchise. I am told this is completely incorrect! How mad is that? They should of at least hinted on his son! No doubt, Rocky VII will be the rise of his son... whon knows.

My god, I hate that magazine .... "Tarantino! Star Wars! Lord of the Rings! Blockbuster Spielberg-involved film! Top 2000 bad scenes in forgotten movies!" ... so lame.

Nevertheless, with that rant out of the way, I am intrieuged by this 'Divisive Movies' thing - but it merely reiterates the fact that the films are on this knife-edge.

As if Empire readers will truly appreciate Romance films? THE TARGET AUDIENCE IS MASCULINE - as stated by the above movies: violent and ... geeky.

Titanic - Romance/Disaster (apparently)
Moulin Rouge - Romance/Musical
Four Weddings and a Funeral - ROMANCE

I can imagine the apparently 'divisive' films will probably be 'films-that-the-narrow-minded-target-audience-don't-like'.... which is anything pre-1977 and doesn't include the word 'fuck'.