Sunday, October 01, 2006

Morning All ...

Well, I have decided to get up that little bit earlier today (10.30am ... ) and hopefully get my body a little bit back in sync before I have to start another week of school observing.

Last night Sarah and I joined a housemate - Simon - with his friends Mike and Girlfriend. We enjoyed the night but decided at about 11pm that we would escape early. Sarah had been in London all day and I was just a bit knackered, so I attempted to finish my Guinness and head for the 11.30 bus but, surprise surprise, we missed it and I ate a footlong subway meatball marinara to pass the time. Sarahs a vegetarian, so she wasn't best pleased.

Today, my aim is to type up all my notes from school observing ... this typing now should get me in the mood for a type-a-thon later.

Pretty boring blog today. Apologies.

To compensate I shall put a picture on the page. It is another attempt of getting a profile picture of me ... but one which isn't too big. (It keeps telling me it is too big ...)


Maggie said...

I see you only have the one fancy dress costume.
Just been to Blackpool for the weekend, if I'd known I could've got you one of those pairs of shorts with the arse hanging out. I see you're getting lots of important work done, like drinking Guiness and partying. God help the future of education if you're all like that!

Jo said...

I have to say I think the picture you have used here is superb. It really captures the moment spectacularly. The fun that everyone is having. The sheer essence of people. The shiny light of life. What kind of photographer could produce such a moving piece? Only a great one.