Sunday, December 17, 2006

Telford Times

Yeah, just quick - although I will update this post with what is happening:

Last night Pete and I were up until 2am watching Sopranos.

Tom and I are hooked on Xbox 360's 'Gears of War'. You can saw people do death really well, and it is great to 'sniper' people down. Town just comes charging so its a good combo.

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Rebecca said...

This isn't the same sister that got married is it? Geeze. I say kick her out. :-) Glad you're catching up on 'Sopranos.' Things are pretty quiet here. It's freaking hot (I was driving with the airconditioning on yesterday and people are wearing shorts) and everyone is really confused about it, but I'm sure it will snow in a day or two. That's Kentucky. If you need to make a getaway, Monarch just sent me an email with some 14.99 GBP fares for Christmas. ;-)