Wednesday, October 18, 2006

About how I am ...

I noticed that everyone (Pete and Rebecca) have updated their blogs - so i shall do the same ...

Sarah, first off, is okay. The course is pretty mental - every day it seems another deadline is given. But, as long as you balance your work and playtime I think you can cope. Up until last thursday we were at schools monday to friday, and then we had our observations to hand in - along with typing up all the notes up from the day. So, now we are spending 2 days at Uni and then 3 days at the school - so its alot nicer now.

I'm going through a U2 phase - watching DVDs and listening to the CD's, and - my god - they are the best band in the world. I cannot see why people don't realise - stranger than that, they were the best band ever a decade ago. Nevertheless, U2 are releasing a new album - U2-18 - which is a greatest hits album and two new tracks, one of which is on the website. It's U2 and Green day ... TOGETHER! I always thought that Green Days punk beginning seemed similar to U2, and then 'American Idiot', akin to U2's 'War' has put Green Day into the big leagues ... it will be interesting to see how successful Green Day will become. Not to mention how, as much as I love them, Coldplay have only made three albums and - as brilliant as they are - can they move to a more obscure music style? can they change their style successfully? Obviously Green day have adapted - though not completely erased - their teeny, bad-ass sound to a more politically-influenced -dare-i-say-it- mature sound. Only time will tell. Nevertheless ... U2 ... (you can hear the Green Day/U2 song on the site ... awesome!)

I attended the opening of the 21st Century Graduates Exhibition at Shrewsbury Art and Museum in Rowleys House, Shrewsbury. I must say, it was very strange -though made me want to paint more. Rachel and Richard joined me, and I thank you guys so much for that, and I think they enjoyed it too. I tried not to stand too close to my pictures (being self-portraits), and when the photographer wanted pictures I didn't know what to do! How can you not look like a complete arse when standing next to - in fact- posing next to big-ass pictures of yourself. God, I felt like a wally. I vow not to make another self-portrait unless/until something dramatic happens to me which would warrant a portrait. (E.G. A car accident). If yu are interested to see either exhibition, check out the following links (There are loads of different artworks, everything from photography and print-making to oil portraits (Me) and abstract expressionistic paintings) ... So, the preview gallery link is and the main one at Rowleys House is

I have just read Mark Haddon's 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time' and thats really, really good. I am in the process of doing another entertainment review - and any feedback is greatly appreciated - and in the next review there is: Cinderella, Annie Hall, Scissor Sisters and the finale of Extras (watch the episodes on the bbc website - they are awesome!



Pete said...

i agree simon you do look like a wally. glad to see your enjoying your course though and congratulations on yet another exhibition.

Pete said...

P.s. Surley you 'wally' quality is enough to warrent self-portrait witjhout you having to go and get yourself all mangeld up in a car accident..just know... might be the long run...just a thought.

Richard said...

Firstly Simon, You are not going through a phase with U2, unless i am seriously misunderstanding the length of time classified as a phase and it is actually around 8 years.

Secondly, your musings on Coldplay's evolutionary possibilities are very interesting. It can not be denied that U2 have well maintained a succesful career and though you atribute this to evolving well, surely there is equal cause to celebrate their reliability to produce a great tune. This is something I am sure you will agree coldplay have achieved through all three albums. There is no reason to say this would change on future albums and it is just to hope that they will avoid faltering experiments along the way i.e. U2's faltering experiments with electro pop dance music.

Bitching over, ha ha. it's a fine balance between moving on and keeping with what made you successful which is always evident on the 'difficult second album', those that get this right will be around for a long time.

Thomas Wood said...

Hello Simon and a warm 'annyong' to all.
After you pointed your new blogs the other day I thought it would only be polite to come and check them out!
Sounds like you have a lot going on in both educational and artistic fields which is great.
Glad the exhibition went well - sadly couldn't make it but know already that you have a great talent!
I would agree (mostly)with your review of the Killer's latest album, and while it hasn't made an emotional impact on me as yet that would firmly root it is a favourite, I have enjoyed it (especially Bling) and think it is more consistent and a step forward from Hot Fuss. It's good to see a band reaching for the stars.
I shan't touch on Richards U2/Coldplay debate as I have a feeling it could end up in bloody war, but a glass raised and all the best to you my friend!
Tom (Wood)