Sunday, October 22, 2006

Online Exhibit #1

Exhibition at Rowleys
All my paintings are oil on canvas and were all completed while I was at University, between 2003 and 2005. In most cases the pieces are final pieces so they reflected a constant growth in observation and self-portraiture.
First Proud, 2003
This piece is at the exhibition and it is the first one you see when you walk into the gallery. Richard said it was his favourite - so it is strange because it was painted in the 1st year at University!

Left View, Centre Piece and Right View, 2005 (Triptych)

These three were in my Graduate exhibition, while the centre piece was actually put up at the Telford and Wrekin Open Exhibition 2006.

I won't load too many pictures up yet, so i shall try to - every now and then - show a work of mine with a little discussion or explanation beneath it.


Rebecca said...

I love the paintings. Now that Pete has the webcam up and pointing at me so that you can see what website I am on I can't be looking up porn anymore... :-( When do you have another show?

Pete said...

Looks great...almost as good as the last time i saw them...only a few moments ago.

Pete said...

I know I just posted but I was looking at the paintings again and wanted to say 'well done' again. You can see a progression but I can see why people might prefer the first one, a reflective kind of pose. Any reason for the title 'first proud'?

Sean said...

Hi Si!,

Another exiting instalment to the Columb blog story! I like your 2nd Pic with the weird eye! I want to draw again!
We never did finish our art night! Goodfellas was only just beginning!
: ( Be good!

You & Sarah be cool to each other! (Bill & Ted quote!)

Love you guys!