Saturday, January 20, 2007

Coming Soon

Tom Cruise

Not that this day is coming soon or anything but I have just read this fact:
"In 2006, October 10 was declared Tom Cruise Day in Japan, making him the first Hollywood star to have a special day named in his honor. The Japan Memorial Day Association said that he was awarded with a special day because he has made more trips to Japan than any other Hollywood star."

To add to this, I have just watched Jerry Maguire (Sarah had not seen it before) and I am going to rip apart Jo's "favourite film" some time soon ...

(Although, I do like the film ... Awards aside, I shall state how I can see why some people wouldn't like it ...)

Jade Goody and Big Brother 2007
My views are this, as stated on the BBC 'Have Your Say' thing:
"When Jade attacked Shilpa I do not believe she was racially motivated. The way Jade used Shilpa's race and background as a use for insult IS racist. No-one would turn to a caucasian human and state race-related insults, whereas it was race-related insults that Goody decided to use. I think she is stupid enough to not clearly understand how offensive that is, but her ignorance should be highlighted so that other people will learn."


Alistair said...

The media hype over Tom Cruises wedding annyed me so much. It was on the BBC 6 O'Clock news for 5 minutes with a reporter 'live outside'. I couldnt give a shit. There surley must have been something more intersting/important happening in the world. That video is really awkward to watch.
Only seen a couple of the big brothers but from what ive seen they are too just incredably stupid. Again, lots of excessive media hype.

Jo said...

Well done Simon, not really sure if you're trying to attack Tom Cruise with that absurd video but I'll defend him anyway.

Some guy with a camera and microphone comes along to a premiere for a film you've just finished making. Because you're a nice dude you wander amongst the fans and press for a good long while, enthusing about the movie and life in general. It's all going pretty well, the sun is shinging and the people are screaming. And then the guy with the camera and microphone squirts you with water. I'm sorry, in what sense was that funny or clever? The mighty Cruise has ever right to question him on the stupidity of his behaviour. He's spoiled the friendly atmosphere and perhaps ruined future walkabouts for the people who really matter, the fans.

And so people all jump on his back because of his religious beliefs and the fact that he married a minx. Sure he may be a little off in his decision to back a fairly crazy theory. And that theory may be very expensive and brainwashing people and be generally not very helpful when it comes to promoting debate. At the end of the day what's most important are his film performances, if people dialled back the ridiculous hype around events like his wedding they'd be able to concentrate on his professional achievements rather than worrying about his private confusion. MI:iii rocked my world but all the critiques of it became about things entirely independent from what was on screen.

Keep it real and ignore the gossip. (Except about Paris Hilton, she needs to be shot).