Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just quickly ...

First off, if you haven't checked this board for ages and suddenly see this new post - I have written daily for the past three days and the following brief note is in relation to one of the first posts I done this year - 2007.

The 'giving up drinking' for a year has already ended. In all fairness, I didn't take it too seriously and it was a small thing I was considering in order to detox my system in a teeny-weeny way. The other night we (the flat) all ended up down the pub and it was then I realised that drinking itself was not such a problem, just the horrible horrible hangover the following dayafter a big night. The quiet drink down the pub is the thing I missed - and that was what I wanted to do. I shal stop getting wasted for a bit at least though - maximum drinking of 3 pints. So far my maximum is 2, so hopefully I won't screw this goal up. (On a sidenote, if I do begin to become an alcoholic, I would apreciate people telling me.)

This next sentance was going to be a short explanation about how Guinness is, in fact, good for you ... turns out (much to my horror) that it is not.

And I quote: "Contrary to popular belief, Guinness is not a good source of iron, containing only 0.3 mg per pint. Given that the RDA (recommended dietary allowance) of iron is between 11 mg and 18 mg, the amount contained in a pint of Guinness is trivial. In comparison, a bowl of Weetabix contains 4.2mg of iron, meaning that a person would have to drink 14 pints of Guinness to get the same amount of iron contained in one bowl of Weetabix."

I understand that to mean that getting wasted on Guinness does have its advantages ... but apparently NOT for friends like Richard and Rachel because ...

"Guinness is not suitable for vegans and most vegetarians due to the use of a fish-based fining agent called isinglass."

It is a sad day for the entire world.
Oh yeah, and I now wear glasses.


Rebecca said...

Damn, so does this mean I can't drink Guiness later in pregnancy and blame it on low iron? Thanks, Simon. :-) And I DO think the glasses rule.

Pete said...

Nice glasses now you are wel on your way to becomeing the old, tweed jacketed, galsses waering sunday paper wrearing teacher. all you need know the other stuff ont he list. glad alls going welll.