Sunday, January 07, 2007

An Open Letter to Jo

Dear Jo

I knew this shit would resurface. First off, I am not a Mel Gibson freak although I was baptized Roman Catholic I have alot of differences with the religion itself also. But, this is an open letter to you Jo about your battering and problems with Gibbers. I think his films are of a high class and he deserved an Oscar for 'Braveheart' - although I personally think that both follow-up films from Braveheart were alot better. I stated that "because of Gibson's anti-semetic views - if indeed they are true?" may deter you from watching the film. I specifically used the word 'view' because it is something that he has strongly denied - and so may - or may no be - true.

Mel Gibson did confess he made Anti-Semetic comments and apologised for those comments because he does not agree with the comments, and his apology was accepted by the Jewish Community. The Rehab he had to attend was because of his drink problems - not because of his Anti-Semetic statements. If you were brought up by a fucked up Father like his - with all the books his Father has written he knows a fair bit of Jew-bashing info - you may state some drunken crap when blasted out of your skull.

Although, on his fathers views, Mel Gibson states that his father views do not amount to Holocaust Denial. Hutton Gibson, according to Wikipedia states "He questions aspects of the Jewish Holocaust, especially the commonly accepted statistic that between five million to seven million Jews were killed, arguing that it would have been impossible for the Nazis to have disposed of so many bodies. He further claims that most of the Holocaust was "fiction," that the thousands of Jews who disappeared from Poland during World War II "got up and left", and that census statistics prove there were more Jews in Europe after World War II than before (a claim that is disputed by historians)."

Personally, I think Hutton Gibson is a loon because he also believes "the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were not carried out by Islamist terrorists aboard the planes, but rather by an unknown party using a "remote control,"." and, furthermore, that "every Pope elected since Pope John XXIII have been illegitimate anti-popes".

Its funny, because Hutton thinks that Jews want to take over the world and have a 'one world religion', which is really, I imagine, what most people - including Traditionalist Catholics such as Hutton - with a conservative, religious stand think.

In conclusion, I think Mel Gibson has had a fucked-up family background and with his Christian belief that stresses "Honour thy Father and Mother", Gibson has a tough cross to bear. This difficult strain to his life will, inevitably, affect his attitude when drunk and his reputation in due course but it is important to remain neutral and respect his films for what they are - and not use money-spinning material on his Father and his personal honest mistakes to be a part of the artistic judgement.

I personally wanted to find out what the big deal was and what specifically was the problems and I think this sums up a fair bit.

From, Simon


Pete said...

Did you know that at Nuremberg they were put on trial for 'planning and waging an aggressive war' not genocide.
I agree with what you're saying Simon but I would point out that at a certain point you have to take responsibility for your own actions, thoughts and deeds, he's old enough and developed enough to leave that crap behind. Not that it wouldn't leave scaring. And its an important point that he did take responsibility when he apologised.
It's also hard to start assuming character portfolios on the bases of small snippets of the what we actually see of a mans life. That’s certainly not enough to judge, never mind condemn someone.
I’m sure everyone could be pinned up as prejudiced if the right comment on a drunken night was given in the wrong context.
Then again wouldn't defend what he did thats about as wrong as you can gete. It’s not as if he was just chatting to a friend who could understand because he know's him or who wouldn’t take it seriously. It was meant to hurt and slur but we should recognise that he accepted that himself and apologised. what that measn i don't know he was wrong and he has attempted to make amends.

Jo said...

Hold the phone for a second time,

I apologise if my questioning comment has caused 'this shit' to blow up again. I was unaware that we had ever argued about Mel Gibson before. I have to confess that I have never been a fan of his work probably because I have seen very few of his films. In regards to the early stuff that's not through any focussed campaign on my part, I've just never been that bothered. Although I did catch some of Braveheart the other day and it did look motivationally interesting.

I do heartily applaud your summing up of the issues at hand, particularly your painting of the Hutton Gibson picture and indeed I think I agree with you (and Pete) that drunken comments does not an opinion make. However I would like to point out that he was also accused of anti semitism around the release of The Passion of the Christ. Incidentally that may be the film that has put me off his work in general because I did not enjoy it very much.

Perhaps my main problem with 'Gibbers' is the shitload (that's a technical term) of money he has made (albeit by taking a huge risk with Passion). Obviously I am not loving his work and thus the fact that he is able to buy an island and make offensive drunken comments pisses me off. I don't really want to get into an argument about the quality of Passion because our feelings on it are personal and thus not open to debate, suffice to say I think Mel Gibson is an overpaid and arrogant prick. I apologise if this sometimes gets in the way of me watching or enjoying his films but that's the way it is.

Having said that the trailer for Apocalypto does look cool & exciting and the upshot of this whole damn shooting match may be that I actually go and see it. Then having said that I am generally more excited about Rocky Balboa (so sue me), The Last King of Scotland (Respect The Forest) and Black Book (Verhoeven does WWII).

And if you want some 9/11 conspiracy theories, I got some loose change for you...

Jo said...

I went on IMDB to check where else my dislike for Gibson comes from. I have seen six of his movies and not a single one of them contains a performance that I feel justifies his reputation. And the seventh is Passion.